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Error Code Reference

Return Parameters

Return ParameterData TypeDescription
codeStringError code
msgStringError description

Return the Example

  "code": "<code>",
  "msg": "<describe>"

Refer to

400Bad credentials
01001System internal error
01002Failed to upload processed files to the server
01003Failed to upload files
01004Failed to download files
01005The file cannot be empty
01006Abnormal file parameters: Please set valid file parameters
01201System memory problem
01202Unknown error
01203Can't find or open the file
01204Unsupported security mechanism
01206The CSV file does not exist
01207Failed to call DocumentAI APIs
01208Failed to write the recognized and returned data to the file
02001File format error
02002Unsupported file format for conversion
02201The file is encrypted
02203Abnormal PDF file
02204Unsupported file format (Only PDF is supported)
02206Invalid file content or pages don't exist
02207Failed to open the file: Unsupported file format or encrypted file
02208Failed to initialize ExcelXml
02209Conversion timeout, please do not upload too large files
02210File conversion failed
02211Conversion Failed: Converted and generated a file with an abnormal file size
03000Parameter validation error
04001The fileKey does not exist
04002The file size is zero. There is no content in your file
04003Your file does not exist or cannot be opened
04004Failed to Compress Compared Files
04005Document Comparison can only work with two files
05001Invalid task
05002Abnormal task status
05003Processing files in one task has reached the threshold (5 files)
05004Task expired and unexecuted
05005At least one file should be processed in one task
06001You have run out of the files which could be processed
07001Unsupported feature

Status Code

  • The ComPDFKit API uses HTTP status codes to return the results of your request. We mainly use three scopes to inform you of the results of your request:

    200 - The status code of the response is 200, indicating that the API call is successful.

    401 - The API will send this status when the Token is not set or the Token you specified is invalid.

    413 - When your request size exceeds the limit, the API will send this status.