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API Tool List

ComPDFKit API provides a variety of operation APIs and corresponding parameters. You can view the detailed function operation method in Guides:

PDF to Office

FeaturesTools Type
PDF to Wordpdf/docx
PDF to PPTpdf/pptx
PDF to Excelpdf/xlsx

Office to PDF

FeaturesTools Type
Word to PDFdoc/pdf docx/pdf
Excel to PDFxls/pdf xlsx/pdf
PPT to PDFppt/pdf pptx/pdf

Image Converter

FeaturesTools Type
PDF to PNGpdf/png
PDF to JPGpdf/jpg
Image to Wordimg/docx
Image to Excelimg/xlsx
Image to PPTimg/pptx
Image to TXTimg/txt
Image to CSVimg/csv
Image to HTMLimg/html
Image to RTFimg/rtf

Other Formats

FeaturesTools Type
TXT to PDFtxt/pdf
PDF to TXTpdf/txt
PDF to CSVpdf/csv
PDF to HTMLpdf/html
HTML to PDFhtml/pdf
PDF to RTFpdf/rtf
CSV to PDFcsv/pdf
RTF to PDFrtf/pdf
PDF to JSONpdf/json
PDF to Editable PDFpdf/editable

PDF Editor

FeaturesTools Type
PDF splitpdf/split
PDF mergepdf/merge
PDF insert pagepdf/insert
PDF extract pagepdf/extract
PDF delete pagepdf/delete
PDF rotate pagepdf/rotation
Compare Documents (Content Comparison)pdf/contentCompare
Compare Documents (Overlay Comparison)pdf/coverCompare

Document AI

FeaturesTools Type
OCR recognitiondocumentAI/ocr
Enhanced image sharpeningdocumentAI/magicColor
Universal Form RecognitiondocumentAI/tableRec
Layout analysisdocumentAI/layoutAnalysis
Document Trimming CorrectiondocumentAI/dewarp
Stamp detectiondocumentAI/detectionStamp


FeaturesTools Type
PDF add watermarkpdf/addWatermark
PDF delete watermarkpdf/delWatermark


FeaturesTools Type
PDF Compresspdf/compress

ComPDFKit API will automatically detect the type of uploaded file - you don't have to modify the file extension.